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In a subtle manner, Alfi Alfa tackles themes that at first glance might appear trivial such as Sapology, life in hairdressers salons and daily street views. However by taking a closer look, one might find that the artist bravely took upon sensitive subjects such as war and atrocities committed towards women, political abuse and the consequences of addiction. Neither does Alfi Alfa hesitate to address sensitive and painful problems as pedophilia within the Church. By practicing naïve painting Alfi Alfa participates into the tradition of popular painters that bring their art at the service of the people. The artist developed a particular technique by which he first conventionally paints his canvas; he then covers the picture by small painted colored dots. The result is colorful, almost joyful, despite the severity of the themes represented. As such, Alfi Alfa can be qualified of pointillist and is a beacon of Contemporary African art. Alfi Alfa’s singular artistic approach has earned him to exhibit internationally across Europe, Canada, Congo-B and Congo-K.